case study | bimodal IT operational processes assessment

global transportation & logistics provider.

client challenge

  • Bimodal IT platform was fully operational but not completely tested and remediated which was causing availability, performance, and overall operational issues
  • Lack of well documented ITS container platform-Kubernetes processes
  • ITS Platform governing body/process was informal and lacked structure
  • Gaps in resource skill sets, processes and procedures, and monitoring capabilities


  • Evaluated client capabilities and identified gaps and risks areas in the current Bimodal IT Operations model
  • Conducted a technical assessment of ITS container platform-Kubernetes and documented current state analysis
  • Identified critical next steps for automation, governance and quality assurance with several underlying root causes
  • Defined an approach for ITS platform maintenance and upgrades
  • Discovered gap areas in resource skill sets


  • Developed documentation and SOP for platform maintenance & upgrade
  • Defined a roadmap for resolution of performance and operational issues
  • Created and implemented platform validation use cases
  • Provided recommendation to train existing resources on ITS container platform

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