Study finds AI ‘revolution’ moving at a crawl in enterprises

Study finds AI ‘revolution’ moving at a crawl in enterprises
Unpacking the AI Adoption Puzzle: A Deep Dive into the 2023 ML Insider Report

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into corporate environments is proving to be more complex than popularly envisioned. An in-depth examination by, a subsidiary of Intel, offers a nuanced view into this gradual integration.

The Slow Surge of Generative AI
The expected surge in Generative AI (GenAI) within corporate settings is turning out to be a minor swell. The 2023 ML Insider survey results indicate that only a mere 10% of companies have fully integrated GenAI solutions, underscoring a significant gap between expectations and the actual pace of adoption.

Barriers to AI Assimilation
Companies encounter several significant hurdles on their path to AI assimilation:
  • Infrastructure Challenges: Almost half of the respondents (46%) cite the formidable infrastructure requirements of sophisticated AI models as a major hurdle.
  • Lack of Expertise: The survey highlights an urgent need for skills development, with 84% acknowledging a deficiency in the expertise needed to harness the full capabilities of AI.

Adoption Variances Across Industries
The survey identifies distinct differences in AI adoption rates across various sectors:
  • Industry Leaders: Fields such as Financial Services, Banking, Defense, and Insurance are leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and customer engagement.
  • Cautious Adopters: On the other hand, sectors like Education, Automotive, and Telecommunications are approaching AI adoption cautiously, with initiatives in the early stages.

Accelerating AI Integration
The survey's findings suggest the need for making AI infrastructure and services more accessible to reduce adoption barriers. Experts in the field agree that easing the deployment of AI could lead to a boost in its adoption.

Comprehensive Insights
  • Leading AI Uses: Chatbots and translation services emerge as the primary applications, showcasing the advancements in generative AI.
  • Integration Levels: The depth of AI model integration is generally shallow, with most companies utilizing fewer than 5 models, indicating that AI integration is still in its early phases.
  • Implementation Hurdles: The complexity of executing AI projects remains a significant challenge, with many companies struggling to manage the intricacies involved.

The 2023 ML Insider report by reveals a cautious approach to GenAI adoption among enterprises, faced with substantial challenges like infrastructural needs and skill shortages. Nevertheless, the outlook for broader adoption remains optimistic, dependent on the industry's capacity to demystify and streamline AI technologies.

For further details on the survey's insights and methodology, the full report is available at ML Insider Results 2023 -

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